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Young Life starts with adults who are concerned enough about kids to go to them -- on their turf and in their culture -- building bridges of authentic friendship. These relationships don't happen overnight -- they take time, patience, trust and consistency.

We log many hours with kids, listening to their stories and learning what's important to them, all because kids' lives are dramatically impacted when caring adults come alongside them, and share with them the truth about God's love.

The choices they make today, based upon God's love for them, will impact future decisions -- careers chosen, marriages formed and families raised -- all ripples from the time when a Young Life leader took time to reach out and enter their world.

To find out more about Young Life in La Cañada or to be added to our email list email our Staff Leader Maggie Kolina or call her cell phone: (818) 434-5159.

A time-tested approach

Young Life is based on a few time-tested methods for reaching out to adolescents in friendship and hope.

Young Life leaders go where kids are, meet them as they are, and believe in who they can be. We call the persistent going out into their world CONTACT WORK.

Young Life CLUB is the best night of each week for kids across the United States and around the world. It's controlled chaos that's almost impossible to describe, coupled with a simple message about God's love. After all, that's what the celebration is all about.

Kids consistently tell us that Young Life CAMP is the best week of their lives. How else would you describe a week where deep relationships are forged in the midst of mindboggling fun as you experience the greatest love story ever told?

CAMPAIGNERS is a weekly meeting for adolescents who wish to learn more or grow in their faith through study, service and leadership. They're also encouraged to celebrate their faith through participation in a local congregation.


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